Souverains Rugs

Souverains is a unique brand of rugs and high-end carpets, tailer-made from India, Nepal or Portugal.

Our collection is exclusive and unique, with only hand-made and only custom sized products. From free standing to wall-to-wall rugs, we can provide very large sizes according to your space. We can create with you the best rug that will fit in your room and provide the best advices to create exactly what you need.


All the rugs that you see on this page are unique and may be sold out quickly. In this case, you will be able to order a new one, but the delivery will be delayed by the time this new one is made. If the product is available, you will be delivered in a very short time. Please send us a message via our contact page in order to give you all the practical information and the shipping or delivery costs.
When you put an order, you will receive a detailed quote and an invoice with the item’s cost only to confirm your order, and then a second invoice with the shipping and extra cost prior to the delivery.
More informations

If you need more informations or if you want to buy some of our products, you can directly contact us via our contact form by clicking on the button below.

Access to the full catalog

To access to our catalogue, please send us an e-mail with your professional information and we will send you the code to open it and enjoy.