Artelier C

Artelier C is for enlightened artists who like to push boundaries. It’s the Big Bang in the beau monde of architecture and design. And it’s also for royalty, according to CEO Tom Claeys, who has more than thirty years’ experience in exclusive lighting.

Artelier C Belgian lighting design

Artelier C

In the beginning there was Artelier C.
And then came the Big Bang.

ARTELIER C, an initiative of Belgian lighting specialist Claeys Verlichting, is a unique concept globally, offering a platform for talented artists seeking to turn their hand to decorative lighting.

Artelier C is not primarily for designers who produce graphic designs and concepts, but for born artists who put their heart and soul into creating unique, hand-made lighting fixtures in all possible shapes, sizes and materials.

Artelier C provides the ideal environment for these creatives, giving them the freedom to focus on their craft. The platform offers access to informa- tion, logistics support and project management assistance, as well as a worldwide administrative, financial and sales structure.

With his intergalactic universe, Belgian artist SEBASTIAAN VANDEPUTTE is the Big Bang pioneer of the Artelier C platform.

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