About Archistory

Christophe Valvekens & Alain De Poitre have been working together in the architecture and interior design fields for more than 30 years and share the passion of beautiful and innovation.

About Archistory

About Us

The architect Christophe Valvekens spent four years in California working for two different architecture firms on high-end custom residential projects and on wineries (at Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects).

Now based in Brussels and Tiburon California, he has acquired a wealth of experience on American and international projects.

The interior designer Alain De Poitre has worked with well-known interior designers in Belgium and Switzeland for many years.

Ten years ago, he created a first brand of tailor-made carpets and rugs, hand manufactured in India and Nepal, which met a great success in Europe with exclusive clientele.

Now they procure exclusive and unique antique and reclaimed materials, essentially coming from South of Belgium, famous for its blue stone and marbles. But more than this, they provide a wide choice of details that will bring to your home an amazing atmosphere.

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WAW n°45 - Flystone, quand la pierre
devient feuille

Our products

Through Archistory, we will find exclusive and unique antiques and reclaimed materials to bring to your home. Each of these unique pieces will come with a detailed narrative of the history behind them.

About our service

Professional assistance

With our professional experience we will provide the best assistance and advice for bringing to your home the most exquisite details. If you are looking for something special, we’ll always be happy to find it for you.

The best transport services

When the reclaimed item is taken from a historic building, we take care of it to make sure that it will arrive to your home in the best conditions. We work with the most serious partners through all the process to give you a piece state of mind. The delivery time is about 2 weeks.

Unique historical pieces

Each of these unique pieces will come with a history behind them. You can discover them through our online catalog.

Online shop

In our e-shop you will find all the items that are immediately available. Before placing any order, please contact us directly via the contact page for getting the shipping details and pricing.